Knowing me, knowing you!


A detailed description of the activity will be provided here right after our training session. This will help you reflect on it and comment below by providing feedback to the trainer.

Step 1 (10 min)
The trainer gives each one a card from the pouch. If participants think the characteristic matches their peers’ perception of self they keep it. If not, they give it to the person on their right.
The same continues for as many rounds needed so that each participant has one card. If a participant thinks the quality doesn’t match the others’ perception of them, they leave the card in the middle of the circle. They can use a blank paper strip and write a characteristic they believe is appropriate.

Step 2 (20 min)
Participants are asked to show the characteristic they think matches the peers’ image of self to the rest of the group. Then, they must comment on the card of the person on their left by saying: Yes, I agree Simon is …. because…/No, I don’t think Simon is … because ….

Step 3 - Debriefing (10 min)
Participants are asked to reflect on the activity and discuss based on some of the following questions.

How different is your own perception of the self from the others’?
Was it easy to reach a decision about the other participant’s qualities?
What kind of experiences did you make use of in order to reach a verdict?
How did you feel when you heard the other participants’ opinion of you?
Did this activity help you realize that each community of people has a different dynamic profile which is shaped by the diverse bits of its members?

For the reflection and feedback bear in mind the following criteria:

• Did you like the activity?
• Do you think the activity was designed on the basis of “the head, the heart and the hands” principle?
• Do you think the activity favoured interaction?
• Do you think the activity offered you with reflection opportunities on the qualities of THE OTHER?
• Do you think it can be easily applied?
• Do you think it would appeal to pupils of Primary?
• Do you think the activity can be integrated easily in the English class?