My anger portrait


A detailed description of the activity will be provided here right after our training session. This will help you reflect on it and comment below by providing feedback to the trainer.

Step 1 (10 min)
Participants are asked to take a blank sheet of paper and a set of colours. They are encouraged to find a quiet place in the room to work. There they must think of a moment they were really angry and ready to explode, draw the portrait of themselves at that time. They are also advised to keep brief notes which give information on the following
What was the occasion?
Who else was involved?
What was your very first reaction?
Step 2 (20 min)
Participants are asked to find a partner and sit somewhere together. They must discuss over their portraits and share if they like the situations they were faced with. Then they should comment on each other, suggest at least one way to reduce anger and work towards a solution and keep notes.
Step 3 - Debriefing (20 min)
Participants sit in a circle. A representative from each pair must present briefly the suggestions provided. The trainer puts the different suggestions on the poster.
Participants are asked to reflect on the activity and discuss based on some of the following questions.
Did this activity help you realize that anger doesn’t show the way out?
Did the activity made you understand that anger distorts your physical and mental balance and harmony?
Did this activity help you understand that thinking over a situation cold blooded helps bringing up better solutions?

For the reflection and feedback bear in mind the following criteria:

• Did you like the activity?

• Do you think the activity was designed on the basis of “the head, the heart and the hands” principle?

• Do you think the activity favoured interaction?

• Do you think the activity offered you with reflection opportunities on the qualities of THE OTHER?

• Do you think it can be easily applied?

• Do you think it would appeal to pupils of Primary?

• Do you think the activity can be integrated easily in the English class?