Values and myths

A detailed description of the activity will be provided here right after our training session. This will help you reflect on it and comment below by providing feedback to the trainer.
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Step 1 (35 min)
Participants are instructed to take turns, roll the dice and follow the instructions on the cardboard paper to play the game. The winner will be awarded with the Reconciliation Ambassador badge and form a group of Reconciliation Assistants with the players that can recall three of the pieces of advice mentioned during the game.

Step 2 (5 min) – Debriefing

Participants are asked to reflect on the activity and discuss based on some of the following questions.

Did this game help you revise some of the basic principles contained in the previous activities? If yes, which are they?

For the reflection and feedback bear in mind the following criteria:

• Did you like the activity?

• Do you think the activity was designed on the basis of “the head, the heart and the hands” principle?

• Do you think the activity favoured interaction?

• Do you think the activity offered you with reflection opportunities on the qualities of THE OTHER?

• Do you think it can be easily applied?

• Do you think it would appeal to pupils of Primary?

• Do you think the activity can be integrated easily in the English class?